West Yorkshire

Rock Nook Mill

Classic Car Water Plant

By the side of the water works is an old garage which used to restore old cars, it is unsure what happened to this company. Redmires Reservoirs are fed from various small streams including Fairthorn Clough from the Hallam Moors. Consisting of three reservoirs known as Upper, Middle and Lower, these were built to supply clean drinking water to the local city following a Cholera epidemic in 1832. The Water Treatment Works are located beside the Lower reservoir The old treatment plant. dating back to 1950. the water works used seven horizontal pressure filters which were installed in 1950 and clear water tank which was installed 1983. Preliminary treatment of the water began in the lower reservoir before it was filtered. Lime was added to separate the natural aluminium from the water, making it clump together so it could be filtered out. The Treatment Works produced water below modern standards, although it was still safe to drink. The water was of a satisfactory colour and cleanliness, but iron and aluminium levels were too high. A new plant was constructed opposite the old works in 1986-8 and made use of the Australian system called the Sirofloc Process. The water from this new plant was then piped to the old works to be filtered as a final process. Today the old treatment works are in a poor state, it has been abandoned and lies derelict.

Old Batley District Hospital

There is very little history I can find about this location but it was first opened in 1929. It was known as Batley General Hospital 1929 to 1948, then changed to Batley and District General Hospital 1949 to 1951. It contiued with the same name until 1988 when it was closed for the newly built Dewsbury district hospital. From 1990 to about 1996 it was known as Carlinghow nursing home, then closed down again. There is planning permission put forward for a girls school but has yet to be passed via council. the building suffered fire damage in the basement in 2017.

Allen Brickworks

This Glazed brick manufacturers was established by Henry Victor Allen around 1887-1960. The site was originally the Halifax Glazed Brickworks, Henry Allen converted the works to manufacture refractory bricks (glazed bricks able to withstand high temperatures, generally used to line kilns, furnaces and fireplaces etc). The works were later taken over by G R Stein, who also took over other brickworks in the area, and eventually closed in the 1960's. The Selfrac bricks from the Allen works were world famous.

Tutorial College

This college was founded in 1981 and closed in 2004
The College was used to help students with there GCSEs and A Levels. Subjects like Chemistry, Art and Languages were covered

Dobroyd Mill

Dobroyd Mills was built in 1829. A fine cloth manufacturer Dobroyd Ltd was founded at the mill in 1919. The mill closed in 1974, but was re-opened in 1976 under John Woodhead Ltd spinners. Currently the Chimney stack has been demolished along with an outer building. Now a classic car renovation company uses one of the upper floors to the rear of the Mill.

Pumping House

WH Shaw Pallet Works

These buildings are classed as the "Dobcross Loom Works" and were built in 1860. For 37 years, until 2006, it was home to one of the largest pallet works in Europe.

The stunning building at the entrance known locally as ‘The Cathedral’, the main building housing the clock tower. The building with the clock tower is a Grade II listed building and any future development of the site will have to incorporate that building into their plans.

Nothing is left of the loom works, but the Pallet Works’ site, covers 22 acres, is up for re-development. The buildings were used for munitions in World War I and for making parts for Russian submarines in World War 2.


After over 36 years of making wooden pallets, and a major employer of the village, the factory closed down in 2006 after going into administration. There was a huge auction at the factory on the 7th March 2007 when to name just a few of the items sold were Eight Fork Lift Trucks,Pallet Trucks, Climax 90 Sideloader, Ford Agricultural Tractor, Rolls Royce Diesel Generator, Wellman Robey Ygnis & Senior Green Gas Fired Steam Boilers, Atlas Copco Air Compressors, Pressure Washers, Welding & Fitters Shop Equipment including Mig Tig Welders, Cut Off Saws, Power Hacksaw, Drills, Degreasing Bath, Collectible Office (Partners Desk & Boardroom) Furniture & Equipment including computers, Canteen & Kitchen Equipment. Three Scania Sleeper Cab Tractor Units, Leyland Daf 85 330 Shunter Tractor Unit and a Ford Transit 190 Dropside Tipper.

At one time the factory even had its own buses transporting staff to and from the pallet works.'

Rose Court School

This old school was purchased in 1912 to educate 3 – 7 year olds, before this it functioned as a private residence. The Georgian building has beautiful stone work and some very striking features but stands as a shadow of its former self