The Tool Makers

This engineering workshop used to manufacture and repair the carbide dies used to draw the copper bar/wire in the main works over road (which has now been demolished).

The workshop helped support the manufacturer of cable used for the first Atlantic telegraph and during the Second World War the factories made wiring components for Spitfire fighter planes. The farm house on site is without any history.

Pottery Factory

This Ceramics Company was established in 1867. It originally comprised several different companies founded by various members.
The pottery factories were taken over by a management buyout in 1999, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary. Investments of £7.9m were put in to a new factory with the latest robotic manufacturing equipment to make ceramic flagons for the whisky industry. The factory was closed in 2010, and sold for housing development. The original factory is still standing and has lay derelict for over 10 years, subject to vandalism and arson over the years.

Bottle Kilns 

Pottery Factor/ Antique Store

This company was founded in 1962 following an amalgamation of companies. The factory, best known for the manufacture of teapots, bright and novel accessories and collectables dated back to 1896. Unfortunately, the factory, which had lain empty for a number of years, sustained some fired damage in April 2009. also on site is a second hand shop selling antiques and other items.