The Seminary

This College is a former Roman Catholic seminary, The foundation of the large building was laid in April 1880 and college was opened in 1883. The buildings have since been deconsecrated. This creepy place is the largest site I have explored to date, it even has an onsite abandoned church! The building is said to be haunted and with recent convictions of horrific abuse carried out by the priests in the 1970's and 80's this building is full of stories, history and an un-nerving atmosphere

"Clock Tower" Academy

Built in the early 1930's this secondary school was known for its impressive clock tower. After years of unsatisfactory and inadequate Ofsted reviews the school transitioned to a sponsored academy. After a £10.9 Million investment, new sites were built. The school tried to demolish the old site and clock tower to make way for more newbuilds until local protestors and the "Local History Society" demanded that it was saved. After leaving the building empty since around 2012, being unsuccessful getting approval to demolish the school, the academy then posted complaints that the school was getting damaged by local kids and explorers. The academy seemed to completely ignore the fact their own playground had huge holes in the fences leading into the building and despite fighting to demolish the school played for sympathy on social media. the posts did not have the desired effect with many locals bashing the academy for only caring when it suited them and for not making efforts to protect the site from their own students.

Tutorial College

This college was founded in 1981 and closed in 2004
The College was used to help students with there GCSEs and A Levels. Subjects like Chemistry, Art and Languages were covered

Victorian All Girls School

This school was built in 1906 and was opened on the 3rd of May. It was built to replace the Hickman Street School. During the first 30 years the school was an infant’s school, educating children up to the age of 7. Around august 1930 it became an infant, junior girls and senior girls school. After a few other name changes the school became a Secondary Modern school for girls in 1945, it has it’s own pool build in 1966 but this has now been filled in. The building was temporarily used as office space but has sat abandoned for many years, the roof has large holes in, the inside is very damp.

GC Secondary School

This secondary school ran out of funds during building, the half built school was then used as an air soft battle ground before being left derelict before becoming a blank canvas for local graffiti artist

GC Primary School