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Georgian Manor

This grade II listed Georgian Manor was built in the 18th Century. As well as those ten bedrooms, there are four reception rooms, kitchens, two bathrooms, 3.5 acers of land and much more. the house was sold back in 2010 for £224k and has recently been up for auction close to £300k.


The building has since been purchased by a property developer who is making this beautiful building into a family home! 

Station House

This 18th century rail house has mysteriously been left abandoned, with lots of personal items left behind it is clear to see how this was a normal ordinary family home... or so it first looked. maybe something darker has gone on here. some very strange finds in this large house.

Pig Church

Hoarders House

Little Lucy's House

This property has been abandoned since 2008 and has been untouched since, still filled with clothes, belongings and even some food in the fridge.

Methodist Church

8 Years of cobwebs... Built in 1878, Built in 1878, , now left neglected The building was sold in May 2012 planning application was submitted, but later rejected. Another applications were lodged in 2015 but withdrawn in 2016.

The Lodge

Time Capsule House

Not much history to this one and difficult to light (despite how it looks ever room is pitch black). Very odd location, a lot of very old vintage items including a player piano from the 1920's but there are also items from 2018 in the place... surely it can't end up like this in 2 years?