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The Ironworks

Ironworks Training and Exhibition Buildings

School for the Challenged 

This school was part of 6 schools in the group, specialising in education children with emotional, social and mental health problems. The school provided support and education to children ranging from 5 to 16. In November 2017 the school suffered tragedy where a traffic accident outside the school took the lives of five people, two of which were pupils. The site was closed in March 2018 as a newer site opened up to replace It and has since been heavily damaged by local kids. 

Rose Court School

This old school was purchased in 1912 to educate 3 – 7 year olds, before this it functioned as a private residence. The Georgian building has beautiful stone work and some very striking features but stands as a shadow of its former self

Time Capsule House

Not much history to this one and difficult to light (despite how it looks ever room is pitch black). Very odd location, a lot of very old vintage items including a player piano from the 1920's but there are also items from 2018 in the place... surely it can't end up like this in 2 years? 

Grand Carehome

This care home closed in 2011 after receiving a 0 star report stating the home was “poor” in the following areas: Health and Personal Care, Daily life, Complaints and Protection, Environment, Staffing and Management (everything apart from “choice of home” which was marked adequate). 
The gothic style building started its life in 1852, being built by James Wilson for his own occupation. The building was built to a very high standard using expensive Greenmoor stone and ashlar facing. 
After changing hands a few times the building was gifted to the town in 1925 including the twelve acres which were made into a park. The house was later used as a girls school dorm during world war II before becoming a nursing home in 1959. The development into a nursing home included a large more modern extension funded by a local charity. 
The home eventually fell into private hands before being closed in 2011, unable to keep up with modern legislations and the correct level of care. Several plans to develop the building have been put forward but to date none have been progressed

RAF Driffield