Mines and Caves

Ancient Fluorite Mine

I managed to make it about a mile and a half in with no end in site...

This Derbyshire mine was originally driven as a sough to the workings under Longstone Edge, before being modified into a haulage level in 1840-42. A 32ft diameter waterwheel originally powered crushing rollers here, but all traces of it have been destroyed by later workings. In the 20th century, the Mine was used to mine for fluorspar, first from 1926-30, and then from 1965.

Pigment Mine

Sorry for the image quality on this report, shortly after getting into the mine I realised it was too dirty for my camera so had to use my phone for images (apparently mixing sticky clay and concentrated paint pigment makes for a messy time). 

Travelling around half a mile under ground through an 18th century abandoned mine: 

This mine was a former lead mine. It was opened up as a Show Cavern between 1825 and 1845.

Mining finished in 1844 when the owner gave up his attempts to drain the workings of water. The red colour on the walls and roof comes from residue from the pigment factory when excess pigment was blown into the mine via ventilation fans.

Dragons Eye Mine