Leisure Sites

The Mucky Duck

Sports Club 

This building was a sports and social club which started life as the Workers Club for the nearby Celanese factory.

The club closed in 2005, but the grounds are still used for football and rugby, etc.


The site made the news in May 2018 where some kids had gotten into the building, when police turned up and the kids fled one of the children fell through the roof but was un-inured after being rescued by his friends.

Mad Hatter Pub

A once thriving pub complete with large car park and play area, 2 years later it has become a dangerous trashed shell of its former self.


The pub closed near the end of 2017 with little information on why

Peacock Pub

Opening in 1962 in the little town of Gainsborough this small-town pub was closed after a lapse in business. At the time of opening the pub became hugely popular due to it’s position on the main road, although in the 70’s a new dual carriageway was built greatly reducing passing travellers. The famous actor Jason Carter grew up at the peacock as his parents ran the in the late 70s and early 80s

The last owners, despite being seasoned pub owners, found themselves in crippling debt being trapped by a lease unable to leave. When funds had dried up and the lease was over the building was left before being vandalized and wrecked. The Site was then demolished in May 2020 with the expectations of 23 houses being built on the land.   

Ropery Inn

This pub was in business for around 100 years, although there is very little history about the building there are pictures online from the 1940's of the building during a flood.

The Ropery inn was closed due to fire damage, when the building caught fire around 15 firemen arrived to tackle the flames but due to a shortage of equipment there was significant damaged caused to the bar resulting in the closure.

The building suffered a second fire in 2019 which helped cement the fate of the building.

The building is currently being demolished with plans to build 14 apartments. The building is in quite a sorry state, with large amounts of litter and the significant fire damage.

The basement is very smelly and has a very slimy floor, it seems there has been spillages of some kind of oil or something down there.

A few interesting items in the pub, one of which being the mechanical lift for the kegs to move from the basement to the bar but unfortunately little else is left here

Little Chef and Garage 

Fleur De Lys