Urbex Abroad

Salinetas Silo

This large building owned by "Cinsa" became abandoned after the company lost massive amounts of money due to a fall in business around 2008, the large shell of the silo is now bare and is used as photography hot spot for location photographers and models.

GC Secondary School

This secondary school ran out of funds during building, the half built school was then used as an air soft battle ground before being left derelict before becoming a blank canvas for local graffiti artist

GC Primary School

Governor's Estate

The estate of san rafael is looking in a pretty sorry state. Once owned by colonel jesús farrer jimeno, civil governor of las palmas in 1936 and mayor of the capitol from 1940 to 1942.

Azuaje Spa Hotel

Built in 1868 in a location next to a clean water source. Its waters had mineral properties thanks to its high content of iron, silicates, hydrosulphides… The Hotel/Spa was closed during the Spanish Civil War.