About ME

Welcome to my page, I am “FreakyDeaky” and these are my FreakyDeakyPix!

As a Photographer and Urban Explorer “Urbexer” I love capturing these abandoned and forgotten locations which have been left to decay untouched over time. Please allow me to share with you a glimpse into these amazing locations, the beautiful colours and delicate textures, a snap shot in time before they are gone completely.

For more information see my FAQ Below or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Share Locations?

The short answer is no, asking for locations will not get you anywhere.

These locations are not tourist spots, if they were they wouldn’t look like they do now. 

It is my personal preference not to share locations to limit the number of people with bad interests accessing these places to cause damage, steal items or become injured through accessing these often dangerous buildings. I don't like tarring everyone with the same brush but if I don't share with anyone then I can't be held accountable for others actions, please respect my personal values on this matter. 

Why Are Some Albums Named or Include Locations?

I have carefully considered what information is shared on this website. 

If a location is extremely common knowledge or is publicly/easily accessible with nothing inside anyone can break or steal I will sometimes provide more details to give more context to the history. 

Other instances are where locations no longer exist. 

How Do I Find Locations/ Get Into Urbex?

I will be answering this in full under my "Urbex Info" tab (link to follow when possible). 

Urban Exploring is fast growing in popularity, couple that with everything being shared on the internet, I am sure you won’t be surprised to know most places can be found on google or on related forums and social media groups!

Put it this way since the start of 2019 I now have a personal map with over 15,000 locations worldwide, just taking time to search high and low. 

Do You Break In/ Is This Illegal?

No! I do not break into any of these locations as that is a criminal act. 

All the locations I have photographed have had open access at some point. If I can't go somewhere without breaking anything or moving anything out the way then I will simply move onto another location (which happens a lot).

Trespassing is currently a Civil Law not a Criminal Law. This applies to most places but trespassing in some locations is a criminal act such as MOD buildings or functional airports. 

If you break into a location, if you steal anything, damage anything or are planning to do any of the latter then you are breaking Criminal Laws. Breaking the law also gives respectful explorers a bad name!

Use Of Images

I spend a lot of time traveling, setting up, taking and editing these images so if you wish to use them commercially/ publicly then please contact me. Do not use my images without consent and defiantly do not cut my water mark off! 

if you wish to share my pictures on social media then I am happy for you to do so as long as you credit me and include a link to my website!